The Pocahontas Bands

Who We Are

The PBB are parents and other volunteers that generously give of their time and energy to benefit all of our students grades 6-12.

In the fall, we man the concession stand during football games.  The money generated from the concession stand goes to benefit every child, regardless of grade.

It is because of the concession stand that we are able to provide:

Free Shirts to all band students

• Free Instrument Accessories (reeds, oils, etc.)

• Majority of lodging costs on trips for all grades

• Needs of specific groups (JR High, SR High, Beginners) as they arise

• Necessary purchases not covered by the district budget

Some folks think the boosters exist only to help the High School Band, when actually the booster efforts tend to benefit the younger kids more.

We consider that parents have a duty to man at least one concession stand event (to support the entire band program.)

We prefer parents of 6-8th graders to man Friday night High School games so HS parents can watch their children perform.

We prefer parents of 9-12th graders to man Thursday events so the parents of the JR Bands can watch their kids perform.

All parents are encouraged to man Saturday Pee-Wee football events.

HOW DO YOU SIGN UP?  There will be a signup link to the events posted on the right side of this page.  Simply pick a spot, and know that hundreds of people will appreciate your work!

On behalf of every Pocahontas band student - THANK YOU!

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• Trophy Shelves built in band room


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Supporting kids and the pursuit of excellence!