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All-Region Band Clinic @ ASU

CONGRATULATIONS to the Pocahontas members of the 2015 SR High All-Region Bands!

First Band

Katie Ball, 18th chair clarinet

Spencer Baltz, 4th chair trombone

Joseph Berry, 2nd chair trombone

Ronald Dickey, 2nd chair french horn

Jared Fox, 6th chair trombone

Nathan Geelhoed, 12th chair percussion

Rashell Hibbard, 16th chair clarinet

Logan Ingram, 6th chair tuba

Hanah Neece, 8th chair flute

Brad Roberts, 2nd chair clarinet

Kristen Saylors, 4th chair bass clarinet

Karma Schaechtel, 12th chair flute

Trent Smith, 11th chair percussion

Mariah Snow, 23rd chair clarinet

Brent Wadkins, 2nd chair alto sax

Jacob Waymon, 1st chair tuba

Second Band

Koby Ball, 8th chair french horn

Rebekah Berry, 1st chair bari sax

Dharma Blackwell, 2nd chair tenor sax

Heide Blansett, 5th chair flute

Kat Dhority, 17th chair clarinet

Connor Fish, 11th chair percussion

Amber Harris, 13th chair trumpet

Dakota Hayes, 11th chair clarinet

Alissa Lee, 1st chair contra clarinet

Cody McCalla, 5th chair clarinet

Tyler Murphey, 3rd chair french horn

Elizabeth Scotson, 1st chair flute

Zac Tharp, 3rd chair euphonium

Mallory Wilson, 7th chair clarinet


Ashley Leathers, flute

Tray Dickson, tenor sax

CONGRATULATIONS to the Pocahontas Members of the

2015 JR High All-Region Bands!


Dalton Adams - 7th chair tuba

Julianna Griffith - 15th chair clarinet

Ashlyn Marlow - 8th chair clarinet

Matthew Waymon - 2nd chair tuba

Keegan Worster - 4th chair tuba


Willa Berry - 20th chair clarinet

Megan Borreson - 7th chair clarinet

Jordan Champion - 8th chair flute

Clark Chastain - 1st chair tuba

Matt Clover-Wood - 4th chair trumpet

Cryztiane Hicks - 10th chair clarinet

Amber Johnston - 18th chair clarinet

Taylor Kingery - 3rd chair trombone

Jessie Liebhaber - 1st chair bass clarinet

Orianna Massey - 19th chair clarinet

Connor Murray - 6th chair baritone

Peyton Stallings - 3rd chair french horn

Ashley Tweedy - 8th chair clarinet

Kiersten Williams - 2nd chair bassoon


Daniel Linck-Schrage - 1st bass clarinet

Collin Marlin - 1st alto sax

Danica McClintock - 3rd clarinet